24 Hours without Mass Media: Do You Dare?

Pic 6Do you dare to go an entire day without media?  Is it even possible in the world we live in today?  These are the questions I asked myself before I attempted to avoid ALL media for an entire day.  It was extremely difficult, and I found there was some media that could not be avoided.

Pic 10I woke up in the morning to the sound of my alarm clock beeping instead of the normal radio station that wakes me up.  I never realized how peaceful it was to wake up to the Kane Show on 99.5.  When I finally got out of bed I walked over to turn my computer on without even thinking.  I cannot remember the last time I got ready for class before checking my email.  So far, my morning without mass media was not very pleasant.

I walked to class without listening to my iPod.  The walk felt longer and more scenic than normal.  Without my auditory senses being engaged, my other senses were heightened.  I noticed more things around me, such as the tress blowing in the wind and students shuffling to class.

When I arrived to my first class of the day, I was exposed to media that I could not ignore.  My professor used a PowerPoint presentation to teach his lecture.  As I listened to the lecture and took notes, I realized that learning was almost impossible without the use of mass media.  Whether the knowledge is being displayed on a white screen or a chalk board, both include print which is a form a media.

Pic 11After class, I went to lunch with my friends.  I always enjoy my friends company, but I never realized how much we use and discuss media during these encounters.  They were all talking about the TigerTHON dance-a-thon event that we are helping to organize this semester.  One of my friends spent the entire time tweeting and posting Facebook messages as a means to increase our fundraising total and spread awareness about the event this Friday.

I thought to myself, if all the proceeds of TigerTHON go to the Children’s Miracle Network, then maybe social media use, such as tweeting was okay.  I decided against it; I had not used my cell phone all day and I was determined to last 24 hours without it.

Later that night, one my favorite shows was premiering a new episode.  My roommate and I watch the show Pretty Little Liars religiously, and I was going to miss it this week!  A typical Tuesday night consists of us watching the episode and then discussing everything that happened.

Pic 7After the new episode premiered, my roommate ran into my room to tell me what a good episode I missed.  I instinctively stuck my fingers in my ears.  I did not want to hear anything she was saying until I saw the episode myself.  She was upset we could not discuss who A could be (If you watch Pretty Little Liars, who do you think A could be!?!?!)  Even though I missed the episode on television that night, I knew I could watch it on abcfamily.com tomorrow.

The next morning when my “media free” experiment was over, I woke up bright and early to the Kane Show on 99.5.  As I laid in bed listening to the radio I realized how much I had missed media.  I do not think our society will be giving up media any time in the near future.  Mass media is here to stay.

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