How Mass Media Has Impacted Valentine’s Day <3

It is amazing the amount of mass media we are exposed to throughout the day, much less our entire lives.  I spent a few days attempting to absorb as much media as possible, and I realized that mass media has impacted more then our typical daily routines.  Mass media is so widespread that even holidays cannot escape the networks.

The media thrives on events, such as holidays, as an opportunity to promote, inform, and emerge you with updates regarding that particular occasion.  I am using this blog post as an opportunity to analyze how mass media has impacted Valentine’s Day.

Pic 4In recent years, with the numerous applications everyone has on their smart phones, Valentine’s Day is no longer a private romantic holiday spent with loved ones.  Social media sites are being used to display in real time what everyone received and did to celebrate the holiday.  People can post pictures and messages instantaneously on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you are not a romantic and creative individual, you no longer have to stress about Valentine’s Day gifts.  The popular social media site called Pinterest has come to your rescue.  Pinterest showcases thousands of ideas relating to different topics typed in the search bar.  For Valentine’s Day, Pinterest has creative ideas regarding food and gifts to make for someone special.

Pic 1Since I can remember, cards have always been a part of Valentine’s Day.  However, the paper cards you see in Hallmark stores are being replaced by eCards.  People no longer have to go to the store and read through 20 different cards before picking the right one.  Instead they can search online through eCards to send someone they love.

Pic 2Mass media will continue to grow and expand in the next few years.  I am interested to see what Valentine’s Day will become 10 years from now.  Technology is going to take over what used to be a private holiday.  Now we must ask ourselves, will mass media have a positive or negative effect on Valentine’s Day in the future?

How Mass Media Impacted My Valentine’s Day

After analyzing the different forms of mass media used by others during Valantine’s Day, I wanted to see how media impacted my holiday.  I did not have any big plans scheduled so I decided to go to the movies with my roommate.  I had seen commercials for the newly released movie Safe Haven starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel.  The movie was based on the novel written by Nicholas Sparks, so I knew it would be a emotionally intense film (I loved the movie and recommend you see it, if you have not already).

Pic 9The immersion into mass media started as we approached the theater.  I could see the bright lights of the AMC Theater sign from the parking lot.  As I stood in line waiting to purchase my ticket, there were 15-20 posters showcasing newly released movies.

As I settled into my seat, the lights went dim and the previews started to roll.  They played the typical advertisement asking viewers to silence their cell phones during the movie.  I watched a few people turn off their cell phones and I thought to myself, they are not actually escaping media.  They are only silencing the everyday reminders, as they watch a movie on a 40 foot projector screen.

This incidence showcases how mass media has effected so many aspects of our lives, including holidays.  St. Patrick’s Day is only a few weeks away.  When you celebrate this holiday please take time to analyze the different forms of social media being used around you.

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