Technology’s Impact on the World in 2035

Pic 22Technology and media are everywhere around us.  There is no way to escape it completely.  Take a moment and imagine we are in year 2035.  Technology changes every year, so imagine the developments possible 22 years from now.  Society will be impacted both positively and negatively from these technology changes.  Therefore, try to picture the utopian and dystopian vision explained below.

Utopian Vision

Engineers are currently working on flying cars that will be sold to any brave souls ready to fly to work (literally).  Computers and phones can now read your thoughts and perform commands instantaneously.  This is possible because people have a computer chip implanted in their head that transmits signals directly to their computer and cell phone.

Pic 30Commuting to the office in the morning is no longer a boring task.  Humans can now get work done behind the wheel of a car.  We can write emails, schedule meetings, and prepare memos in our mind.  These are then stored on our computers and available when we arrive at the office.

The information technology infrastructure has become so vast and enormous that all information is stored in one single location.  This location holds security information that is guarded 24 hours.  It warehouses the 16 digit security code on every person’s computer chip linked to their cell phone and computer.

This one single location provides many benefits to our society.  When important information needs to be spread to the public quickly, this hub provides the solution.  The information technology system has the power to transmit the information to every individual in the world in a matter of minutes.

Dystopian Vision

Researchers have identified a few cases where the computer chips implanted in people’s heads are malfunctioning.  They are causing severe migraines, cancer, blood clots leading to strokes, and in some cases death!  While computer chips make life easy because they can read your thoughts, individuals are not willing to take the risks.

Pic 32Some companies will only hire individuals who have computer chips implanted in their heads.  This is the newest form of discrimination we have experienced as a society.

There is no longer a strong need for the media industry.  The information technology system can transmit important facts and messages to society at a quicker pace.  Because all technology is stored in this single location, when individuals search the Internet they are navigating through this infrastructure.

The information technology infrastructure was recently hacked into and millions of computer chip numbers were stolen.  This has led to widespread panic across the world.  The government has been working around the clock to catch the hacker and retrieve the data, but the question still remains what they will do with these numbers?

How My Life Would Change

I have been working for the same company for 20 years and I love my job.  However, I was recently laid off because I refused to get a computer chip implanted in my head.  My brother is a doctor and has warned me about the dangerous side effects.  He works at a local hospital and sees terrible cases every day that are caused by these new computer chips.

Pic 34I am without a job, health care, and a means to support my family.  I never thought I would graduate from college with a Business Administration degree and end up unemployed at the age of 43.  I have three children to support.  Luckily, my husband still has a job, so we must find a way to survive on one salary.

I never thought technology could have such a negative impact on my life.  I wish I could go back to 2013 when I was a senior in college looking forward to May 22nd 2013, the day I graduate and become a Towson alumni.

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