A Picture (Including An Advertisement) Is Worth A Thousand Words

Who enjoys skimming through magazines while waiting in checkout lines?  I always do this, and occasionally I will purchase the magazine so I can finish reading the featured articles.  I am drawn to the magazines about celebrity gossip, such as In Touch, People, and US Weekly.

Pic 35I recently read an In Touch magazine about greedy Kris Jenner demanding her daughters to make her more money.  What is more exciting that an article about the extremely entertaining Kardashian family!

While reading through this magazine you cannot escape the many different advertisements.  I found five advertisements in this magazine that shared the theme of what women can do to stay young, beautiful, and thin.  I am going to provide a myth analysis for each advertisement, explaining the story it tells and how these ads work on a cultural level.

Advertisement #1: Maybelline Clean Express Makeup Removers

Pic 41This advertisement showcases a young woman with flawless skin and the slogan reads, “Go From Fierce…To Fresh-Faced-Fast!”  This advertisement is promoting Maybelline makeup remover that will leave your face fresh, clean, and beautiful after a night on the town in makeup.

On a cultural level women are told to use products to make their skin beautiful even when they are not wearing makeup.  Ironically, the woman in the ad is still wearing makeup in the picture showing a fresh clean face.

Advertisement #2: Garnier Fructis Sleek Finish 5-In-1 Serum Spray

Pic 44Garnier Fructis products are known for their catchy green bottles.  This company has advertisements on television, radio, and magazines.  This particular advertisement shows a young woman with long shiny straight hair.  The viewer is told she can achieve this look with the use of Garnier Fructis Sleek Finish Spray.

This spray is made with argan oil that will fight frizz, flyaways, and humidity while staying ultra-smooth and shiny.  On a cultural level young girls are sent the message to always have smooth, shiny, non-frizzy hair.  What happened to the all-natural look?

Advertisement #3: Olay Total Effects CC Cream

Pic 46Olay focuses most of their products to the older female generation.  This ad reads, AA(Anti-Aging) + BB(Beauty Balm) = CC(Color and Correction).  There is an image of a woman biting a pencil because Total Effect CC Cream is a simple equation that fights the seven signs of aging to create a beautiful and instantly flawless-looking skin tone.

This advertisement is telling woman to use this product to fight the natural effects of aging.  The woman shown in the ad is not a day over 25, and she has perfect flawless skin.  They should have used a woman in her mid-forties.  It would better display the generation they are targeting with this ad.

Advertisement #4: Crystal Light Liquid

Pic 37Crystal Light has created a new liquid that comes in six different flavors and is zero calories!  They are targeting women who want flavored water with no additional calories.  You know this advertisement is for woman because it is a woman’s hand shown squeezing the crystal light liquid into a glass of water.  On a cultural level, Crystal Light is telling women they can stay skinny by consuming this product and avoiding additional calories.

Advertisement #5: ResVitále Weight Loss Formula

Pic 47I had never heard of ResVitále until now.  The advertisement shows a females midriff in a bikini on the beach, with the slogan “Burn Baby Burn!”  You cannot see the woman’s face only her body.  ResVitále is using sex appeal to sell a weight loss formula.

Advertisements will never stop using women’s face and bodies to sell products.  The question becomes, what will they use women to sell next?

The next time you pick up a magazine while waiting in a checkout line, instead of reading about Kim Kardashian’s growing baby bump, look at the advertisements.  Think to yourself, what is this ad saying and who are they targeting?  If you are the targeted audience, do you agree with message being sent and would you purchase this product?

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