Nova Schin’s Use of Offensive Advertising

I was looking online at different advertisements when I stumbled upon one that really caught my attention.  The company being promoted in this advertisement is Nova Schin.  They are known for their non-alcoholic Brazilian beer.  This ad was displayed in Canadian magazinesPic 55 before making its way to North American Web sites.

There are so many elements that contribute to the offensiveness of this advertisement.  I have decided to write a letter to the company explaining why I am so angered by the messages in this ad, and why this media outlet should choose not to disseminate this ad.

Letter to the Company and the Media Outlet

4a Brook Road, Fallowfield

Manchester, M14 6UH

Dear Nova Schin and Canadian Magazines,

I was online when I came across the advertisement’s you have been using to sell non-alcoholic beer.  The advertisement I am referring to shows a pregnant woman holding a large glass of Nova Schin beer, while wearing revealing clothing.  Many aspects of this ad contribute to the offensive messages presented to viewers.

First, the use of a pregnant woman to sell non-alcoholic beer is repulsive.  By just looking at the picture in this ad, most viewers will think she is holding a regular alcoholic beer.  That is what I thought when I first observed the advertisement.  The bottom line is whether the product is non-alcoholic or not, it is sending the wrong message.

Second, this pregnant woman is wearing very revealing clothing.  This is a clear example of “sex sells”.  Nova Schin has airbrushed the stretch marks off this models belly.  Mass media is sending the same message as always: women need to be thin and perfect, whether we are pregnant or not.

Third, the facial expressions made by the model in this advertisement are very suggestive.  Most men that view this advertisement will view her as a hot sexy woman.  They will overlook the fact that she is pregnant.

I am asking Nova Schin to reconsider the use of pregnant models in their advertisements.  The product you are selling can be sold without the use of sex, suggestive poses, and a pregnant woman.  I seriously believe this will have a negative impact on your company name.  Choose to be an honorable ethical company and change your advertisements. 

The Canadian magazines that have displayed this offensive advertisement should reconsider their business relationship with Nova Schin.  They should remove these advertisements from their magazines immediately.  Many people with varying age, class, race, and sex read your magazines.  This type of medium can be viewed by a wide audience range, which is why you should reconsider the message you are sending to the public.

This advertisement will have a negative impact on your company name.  Individuals that take offense to this advertisement might stop reading your magazine.  These are some topics to consider when you choose to place an offensive advertisement, such as the one created by Nova Schin, in your magazine.


Marisa Palilla

Pic 57Nova Schin’s Additional Ads

Some of Nova Schin’s other advertisements that do not include images of women, are still not very pleasant.  One of the additional advertisements I found says “Her body’s beautiful, but her face is horrible.”  Later, once the non-alcoholic beer is empty the advertisement says “Yep, her face is horrible.”  This ad portrays that individuals do not lose their perception after drinking a Nova Schin because they do not become intoxicated.

Nova Schin’s additional advertisements are not as offensive as the ad discussed in the letter I wrote, but they are still not sending a positive message.  Nova Shcin should consider re-branding themselves before they lose any customers.

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